Mother Fxxker

作詞:J. 作曲:J.

You wanna Mamm’s Chicken Boy.
I will die for you ?
You put under control me.
Fuck off !! Common Sense !!

I’m in the dark, I lost my way.
I rape your laws, I played your wants.
I kill myself, I lost my mind.
I’ll kill you, You understand ?

Meek, Act, ES, Leave, Drop, Ill, Fade, Why ?
Seek, Find, Wish, Reave, Fall, Sick, Kill, Death!

I infuse my cum to you.
The cum is my hate’s mind.
You will conceive Evil Child.
It’s your Transmigration.
I keep it to death.
Till I arrive at the Nirvana.
You should continue suffering.
Till my pains are cured.

You wanna Broke-in Replicant Doll.
I will down in the WORLD ?
I studied Love Talents in Classroom.
Fuck off !! 2DIM-LOVERS !!

I’m on your rail, I lost my life.
I rape the GOD, I became your DOG.
I kill reason, I lost my value.
I’ll crack U, U understand ?

Palate, Gula, Flesh, Lust, Sight, Invidia, Sense, Greed ,
Smell, Pride, Hearing, Wrath, Psycho, Sloth, Touch, Soul

Intercept the Conversation.
I succeeded in contact with GOD.
Conceive its Frustration.
I felt fuckin’ despair.
Disorder his Translation.
I had stupid desires.
Flee to Destination.
I attempt suicide , l8r !

Sad, Shit ! Grief, Crack ! Hurt, Shut ! Die, Yes !
Mad, Fuck ! Rage, Hack ! Smash, Bitch ! Kill, Yeah !